Sasol introduces a brand-new 10ppm diesel fuel

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Sasol, our home-based company with an international reach spanning 37 countries, has yet again done South Africans proud by introducing a product which is completely unique to South Africa, and should be well-received considering the constantly-increasing amount of turbodiesel vehicle models being developed, produced and sold in our country. Turbodiesel (and indeed, regular diesel) users can now take joy in the fact that Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm has just been launched to the South African market.

To date, this product launch marks Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm as the lowest sulphur content available to our unique domestic market, and has specially-developed detergency and lubrication properties which ensure that both your vehicle’s engine and fuel injection system remains as clean and well-protected as possible. The fuel has been specifically developed to our climate, and enables all modern-day diesel motors to run a lot more efficiently whilst producing way less harmful exhaust emissions than regular diesel fuel. Sasol assures us that their Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm fuel has been guaranteed to contain 10ppm sulphur or less, and is an essential step forward in shifting the volatile South African fuel market closer in line with international standards which have been set in place. As evidence of their dedication to this goal, the Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm fuel already complies with the international sulphur and cetane requirements.

Mohamed Carrim, Retail Manager at Sasol Oil had this to say during the launch, “We are continuously exploring new ways of enhancing our existing product line up to international standards, which will then enable our motoring market to introduce the latest-technology vehicles to South African consumers, thus ultimately benefitting our demographic. What we have achieved today with the launch of Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm is indeed a milestone, not only for Sasol but for South Africa as well.”

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(left to right): Thabiet Booley (General Manager: Sales and Marketing, Sasol Oil), Alan Cameron (Managing Director, Sasol Oil) and Mohamed Carrim (Retail Manager, Sasol Oil)

He also went on to say that the Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm fuel is ideally suited for all diesel vehicles – not limited to newer or older models, or turbocharged vs naturally-aspirated diesel models; it would be safe for use right across the board. The key selling factor, Sasol was keen to point out, is in Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm’s advanced detergency – it prevents and removes deposit build-up in the engine and fuel system, which naturally allows the motor to perform at maximum efficiency at an improved fuel consumption rate. The continued usage of Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm will correctly-maintain newer diesel fuelling systems, as well as clean up potentially dirty and clogged fuelling systems of older model diesel vehicles.

Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm will initially be available at 78 fuelling stations across the Gauteng and Mpumalanga regions, and will be selectively rolled out to other regions in South Africa during the course of 2014 and 2015. Sasol is a constantly-evolving pioneer in fuel and oil technology, offering consumers a world-class product thanks to its dedication to providing their research and development departments with the best possible resources. This directly translates to South Africans enjoying the benefit of ever-improving and highly effective vehicle engine fuelling technology.

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