Merry Xmas: Fuel Price Increase | December 2013


If the E-Tolls are not enough to go by and the expenditure of our president’s homestead, motorists are now faced with a steep fuel price increase. The Fuel prices are set to go up TONIGHT – yes, the 3rd December 2013.

This is not something which everyone has read about or been aware of, due to the increased public interest in the E-tolling system. The Oil price has come down, but not enough according to the energy department; as it’s offset by the volatile Rand to USD exchange rate.

The price of both grades of petrol would increase by 17 cents a litre and diesel by 10.12 cents a litre, the energy department said.

The wholesale price of illuminating paraffin would increase by 16.50 cents a litre.

The single maximum national retail price would increase by 22 cents a litre for illuminating paraffin.

This puts more and more pressure on the consumer and will effect the pockets of everyone for the foreseeable future but some are saying it could be due to the recent Petrol Attendant strike as well.


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